Awareness is the Key.

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Our marriage relationships and lifelong partnerships are usually those coveted realities that gives our lives meaning. It’s where we expect to find our greatest comfort and support. They inspire change, and give clarity to our paths. They spark understanding, love, wisdom and truth. But, they can also become parts of our lives that makes us the most emotionally vulnerable. 

Being aware that these caring aspects creates harmony in our mental health status. Once a person becomes aware that something is wrong in their relationship or marriage, many different triggers can begin to surface. Instantly, in that moment the communication begins to slowly matriculate in unnecessary thoughts of guilt, pain and shame. Why Because there was never no launch pad built to propel the relationship into outer space.

Whenever an individual feels their partnership or marriage is falling apart they will often develop troubling feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. Why? Because of the investment of time, energy, effort, and money spend preparing for the trip of a lifetime, which ultimately never gets to leave the landing strip.  You realize at this stage that their is a problem that needs to be solved. So, don’t try to solve this problem in your head.

It’s at this moment that you begin the journey towards an optimal solution. Whether your feelings about this problem arises from observations: such as he/she’s not that into me no more, he places his work ahead my needs, if it weren’t for the kids he would be gone by now, etc. You got to appreciate the fact that you are cognizant about trouble that could be looming.

Seeking the help of a therapist may change your outlook. In marital or relationship mishaps you will often find that one person in the relationship, is consciously working to understand the communication stratosphere of his/her opposite. The goal instantly becomes to see what is causing the friction within the relationship. More often than not relationship and marital therapy finds both partners from the same relationship working in unison together in the therapy sessions.

A therapist can help couples develop their abilities to understand, forgive, collaborate and change as individuals and as partners.  Furthermore, as partners grow in their ability to respect and trust each other they will likely see improvements in accomplishing the shared responsibilities they confront such as managing finances and parenting.  Using a Licensed Therapist also brings the advantage of her expertise in diagnosing and treating other psychiatric problems which one or another partner may be suffering and thereby stressing the relationship.  Troubled relationships don’t have to be seen as hopeless, therapy may be just the change you need to renew the comfort and safety of your relationship.