10 Real World Solutions for Women who battle with Anxiety.


We pave our road to freedom by how we respond to life in each moment. We cannot always control what happens in our lives, but we are never without the choice of how we respond too it. Do we let ourselves unconsciously react to everything, or do we express our divine nature by creatively responding to our experience? How do we use our ability to respond? ~ Michael J. Tamura

One Bright and early Monday Morning your alarm goes of.  You look and see that It’s 7am, you smile and throw off the plush white covers, and roll out of your soft and cozy memory foam bed right into your favorite pair of slippers. Only positive thoughts are filling your mind at this moment as you realize that one positive thought in the morning can set the tone for your entire day. The Sun is peeking through your curtains and you can only imagine having the greatest start to your work week. At this moment a nice shower, Starbucks and some breakfast appeals to your senses. Your are relaxed and begin making inroads to the perfect day.

Suddenly, your mood is changed by a few thoughts concerning your 401K, health insurance, mortgage, kids, career aspirations, relationships, and financial security. Whether you could sense the shift or not your mood arose to accommodate your thought patterns. Whatever was going on the outside becomes a direct reflection of what is going on the outside of you. In a way, you are having many different thought patterns fill your mind at the same time. Two objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time (2nd Law of physics) and no matter how much your try, it can’t be done.

Behind, you wanting to have a great day and start your week off on the right track, you subconsciously think the pressures of life to be greater than you ability to reason and balance them. So, you consciously reject any notion of a life that can bring a balance in your finances, family structures, career ambitions, and your social status, while at the same time thinking well maybe it can be done (A double-minded and unstable paradigm).

The outlier in this sequence of events is worry which ultimately leads to anxiety and fear. Angela, explains it best in her TEDx talk about “Being The Warrior Not The Worrier”,  in that you must learn to fight the those anxiety triggers that often times lead to fear based decisions. Although, you may struggle with unstable thoughts that may push anxiety to the forefront, their is good news.

At one moment or another, we have all been in a situation where our minds are driven into overload concerning thoughts that may or not serve our mental state at any given moment. Now, the usual advice that hinges on  just “smile more” or eliminate “negative thinking” is great but serves in a limited capacity based on the invidual’s level of belief.

The latest research on anxiety suggests innovative, even odd, techniques for coping successfully with recurrent worries. I’ve seen these work for hundreds of patients. In fact, I’ve found that most people can get a grip on things if they take a few minutes to develop a different relationship with their thoughts and feelings. Here are 10 approaches to try.

  1. Embrace a Global Consciousness (Hug your planet, and develop a cause that is worth fighting for). The more you see the good in the world the more your focus will shift off of your problems and onto finding solutions that helps to heal the planet.
  2. Take up the mantle of Peace (Find 5 minutes a day in your work routine and just be at peace). As you give yourself these moment of solace try to add an additional 5 minutes to the process until a cool 20 minutes is saved up, where you can enjoy your own company.
  3. Take a Yoga Class (Google “yoga class ____ and put your city in the blank). It will be the best investment for your mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  4. Start a 40 Day Abundance & Gratitude journal (Starting today go and buy a journal and label it “Money Blessings”). For the next 40 days you will record positive affirmations and the things that you are grateful for. If it works for OPRAH it will work for you trust me.
  5. Volunteer at a local Non-Profit Organization (Find ways to give back that puts you around people with different perspectives from yours). Allow, your service to lead you into greener pastures.
  6. Listen to your body (If you wasn’t aware of this notion now you are). You body has a language of its own but you must listen and observe what it is saying. Maybe it is saying less sugar or more leafy greens?
  7. Reinvent your Life (Try new things, meet new people, eat different foods, take a trip to Indonesia, befriend an Asian, see your self wholesome, blessed, vibrant and full of energy. The possibilities are limitless and you are in the driver seat.
  8. Embrace the Light (Deep within your soul there is a place where your true self resides. If you was to become brave enough to embrace this light your world never be the same.
  9. Let Go and Capture the Newness of Life (The baggage that you carry won’t drop until you decide that you no longer want to carry that weight). If you will try to eliminate people, ideas, thoughts, old concepts and yesteryear frameworks that no longer serve you things would go a lot smoother. I am giving you permission to leave those things in the past and embrace the newness of life.
  10. Love Yourself (I understand this saying is commonplace but pick it back up with a fresh perspective). Spend time with yourself, take salt baths, go to the mall and buy a new fragrance, take a walk at night (of course in a safe neighborhood), get more rest, sit in silence for 1 hour, embrace change, drive to another city by yourself and eat at a restaurant by yourself. smile more, give away old clothes, bless the poor.




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