Your Humanitarian Heart and the Soul’s Awakening: A primer for Universal Light & Love.


BE an active work of creation! Touch the dream within The writings of your heart; Be the words that flow endlessly, Through the pages of your life, and live the greatest story ever told ~Medicine Women Lizet

As a compassionary tale of lady luck, don’t forget that your feminine compass sets atop a neoclassic sculpture on Liberty Island’s New York Harbor in New York City. In an age where the imbalance of feminine energies run rampant it’s a call to understand that you are children of the light having a dark night of the soul moment. You have just stepped into a season where you are being wooed to answer the call of the soul.

You find yourself in transition and you are faced with what Robert Brumet calls “The Paradox of Change”. You are locked out of your past, carry weight of your current responsibilities and hold fast to a future of infinite possibilities (i.e. new book, vacation, travel, family, husband, wealth, friends, fame, fortune, yoga, peace, love, joy, happiness, wisdom, truth & understanding). Not, only is change occurring in you but outside of you as well and its causing for a new level of understanding concerning your life’s work or calling.

Remember, uncertainty breeds grounds for the miraculous so don’t resist this newfound paradigm. Even if your partner, spouse or love one can’t truly grasp the reckoning with these energetic shifts, don’t become impatient forceful, rude or belligerent. Use your compassion and try to look at the situation from a bird’s eyes view. Everything, is being shattered whether you know it or not, because you sense of meaning is changing.

feminine-spiritual-energyWhen spirit calls it makes you wonder in search of self, seeking an expression that can only come from within. You are relearning what it means to water and nurture the garden of your soul. These planetary energies are intense and hold much in the way of your destiny. Learn from these placements and allow your divine nature to lead you into greener pastures. As you healing guide I will be the first to say that you have what it takes to feed your family and others around you. The only problem is that you may think that a job is the all in all in your life.


Allow, the spirit to lead and guide your progression from a place of spiritual bliss and not emotional upheaval. Paul Rogat Loeb, in his book Soul of a Citizen “Living with conviction in challenging times” urges us to become more attune to social activism and change as a way of life. His awe inspiring and profound book shows up at a time when the world need more citizens to engage in humanitarian affairs. In addition, he offers a great suggestion for engaging your own social circles “Be Strategic”. Understand that you can’t go backwards and make it your mission to build right where you are.

You will be fine, so just let go of this physical world in response to allowing the spiritual hands of healing to take the lead. In no way, do I advocate for just falling off the face of planet earth. To whom much is given much is required and because you have read to this point, makes you responsible for the information that you just consumed. If, even a nugget of truth resonated share and be a blessing to others. Although, you may be looking through a window of uncertainty allow that space of nothingness to become an impasse for a greater adventure.

Woman-and-a-SuitcaseWhat you are currently feeling is just possibility. You have just been freed from years of mental and emotional baggage, and now must connect to your higher self. It will feel uncomfortable and you got to make new inroads. A new social community, those who believe at the same level that you do, individuals who vibrate and can reason from the spiritual as well as the physical worlds. Part of your mission is to help raise the consciousness of your community and the world at large. As a soft and gentle nudge, I urge you forward into your destiny.

As a precursor, try to understand the essence of Jack Bolands’s “Eight Steps into The Master Mind Consciousness” 1. I Surrender (admit that you are powerless to solve your own problems) 2. I Believe (You come to recognize that a power greater than your own abilities exist) 3. I am ready to be changed (You realize that Self-defeating thinking is the cause of your problems, unhappiness, fears and failures).

4. I Decide to be changed (You make a decision to allow the Christ Consciousness light within shine). 5. I Forgive (You forgive yourself of all those blatant mistakes and shortcomings and you forgive others) 6. I Ask (You ask for the necessary support to live life from the inside out). 7. I Give Thanks (You honor and give thanks for already having ascended into a greater awareness of self. 8. I Dedicate My Life (You have made a covenant agreed that your “MASTERMIND” carries all of the abundance and supply you will ever need and therefore will go forth with expectancy of the good that you desire in life.


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