Mastering the Inner Turmoil: Setting the Spirit Free from the Anxieties of this world.


There comes a point in each of our lives when we recognize our inability to remain fixated on the source. By no fault of our own we find ourselves wrapped up in yesteryear anxieties looking for a way out. We sense that something is nagging at our souls longing for expression but our patience won’t let us hold on forever. Our patience then becomes a stumbling block not virtue. We panic and scream from within for the release of the unknown yet no willing to surrender to the mastermind consciousness. Now, you are faced with a turning point and something must give. As our soul aches to awaken to its natural state we wrestle with our careers, passions, motivations and aspirations. We long to give the world what we have been placed here to give.

Now, we realize that a clearing is needed to open the spirit and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. We have tried all forms of religion, treatments, prayers, meditations, and gimmicks and gadgets but the soul still longs for expression. It longs to merge the EGO with itself and remove the cloudy waters of indifference. As the basis for this collective consciousness is the heart chakra (love). In a world where balance (Mental, spiritual, emotional, physical) is everything sometimes the energy behind the EGO can become destructive and run rampant cause lots of confusion and situational biases (racism).

In Ralph Kilmann’s Managing Ego Energy: The Transformation of Personal Meaning into  Organizational Success  highlights the importance of managing the EGO’s energetic force in the corporate world. He explains that upheavals can happen anywhere and that it is important to remain open to anxiety ridden surprises that can cause a shift in a person’s personal world. It’s important to remember that his words can apply to every facet of your life even if you are not in the corporate world. With our global technological, political, economic and social change rising faster than our cosmic temperatures, changes are beginning to cause massive anxiety, uncertainty turbulence and fear in our world today.


In our current societal paradigms, we tend to become more addicted to the process of being addicted. Our sense of values, morals, self-worth and responsibilities are constantly being challenged and threatened on every level. We lie in wait with healing’s in our back pockets only to become addicted again through our own emotions. Robert Russell, in “God Works Through You” explains that we allow such illnesses or addictions to come alive again through our emotions, and reintegrate the very disease in which we were freed from back into the body. We allowed the subconscious mind to recreate that mental addiction and open a new set of circumstances.

The next phase of these reality hinges on restructuring our thoughts to survive, much to the dismay of corporations who sometimes downsize to survive. As a reminder, the mole (Big Brother), disease (Anxiety), and Judas (Betrayer) remains crouched at the door of forgetfulness and complacency awaiting its opportunity to reinfect its victim. If you falter which is OK because you are human, you will begin to see that your focus has shifted from the source (The divine), to a lack of motivation, mood swings, impaired judgements, the inability to account for the time you have been given on this planet. Grief, self-pity begins to sit in along with self-loathing and even suicidal thoughts.

There’s a proverb that says “There are none so blind as those who will not see”, which refers to diluted individuals who chooses to ignore what they already know. If you don’t know now you know, the source of your joy and happiness has always been a call away hanging on to every word that you speak. It longs for you to purge the soul of ignorance and imperfections and to give thanks that you are still able to fight another day. Without no breakdowns (mental) there cannot be no breakthroughs (mind, body & soul). Our life exudes with emotion, adventure and tales of bliss. We got to change the way we feel about the information that is coming into our lives. What does it all mean? Take a look around you at this very moment and contemplate on what it really means. Ask yourself “Where am I heading? And then go within and listen for the answers.


So how do we master the inner turmoil and set our spirits free from anxiety? Enter the Spirit! As a title in Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction”, he probes the mysteries of the mind and explains that people can sometimes become trapped in imaginary worlds, which makes it very hard to penetrate that self-contemplative thoughts.’. He explains that you must lure those self-defeating and negative thoughts out of its inner shell and enter their motivation for existing. Learn why those thought exists and don’t be afraid to peel the layers of those onions back. Learn from those emotions and adapt to their reality as a child defenseless and motivated by love. In doing so your will penetrate their deep narcissism and allow an open and honest dialogue to exist. Those thoughts then become open and not reactionary (anxiety, moodiness, depression, suicide). Learn from these subtle energies.

We know only fragmentarily this extraordinary thing called life; we have never looked at sorow, except through the screen of escapes; we have never seen the beauty, the immensity of death, and we know it only through fear and sadness. There can be understanding of life, and of the significance and beauty of death, only when the mind on the instant perceives “what is”. You know, sirs, although we differentiate them, love, death, and sorrow are all the same; because, surely, love, death, and sorrow are the unknowable.  Jiddu Krishnamurti

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