It’s Just a Planetary Shift not Anxiety: You are Ok.

Woman thinking

The end cannot justify the means, for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determine the nature of the ends produced
~ Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means~

Becoming a clear channel for the divine to operate and shower your life with abundance is the ultimate goal. In your quest for this divine truth don’t panic if your motivations for a better life is fraught with challenges and setbacks. You may have wronged a few people in the process but forgiveness is just a phone call away. While you think about the changes that needs to be made in your life, its ok to consider that what life would look like once you have regained your mojo.

Life is too precious to sit in wait lying despondent for the next big moment or break to happen. Your life can only out-picture the thoughts, motivations and prayers of your subconscious mind. So, learn to treat yourself well through this transition. It may feel like anxiety but it’s actually a dimensional shift covering your aura. Don’t question the process just allow the universe to confirm its motives. We both know that you can’t remain secluded in the chaos of nothing forever right?


You have been given a specific season which to make some changes that will sort your path into a more workable feeling. Notice I said feeling here because that is just what it is. Until you begin listening to that small voice within that is guiding your process regardless if you are on the right path nothing will change. Everything that you have went through up until this point has been preparation for this current awakening. Awakening is a process that is gradual and could take many lifetimes to complete. Just remember that the EGO wants to keep your vibrational energy low.

As a metaphor for “Easing God Out”  the (EGO) only wants what it wants. Sort of like the conditioned mind that has been programmed into the very fabric of your being,  Those programmable fixed thoughts that has kept you isolated from the real you. These thoughts were deeply imbedded into your subconscious mind by your teachers, parents, friends and most notably social media. What you need to know right now is that a shift has been taking place. A new set of energetic vibrations are dispensing into the atmosphere.

Understanding these shifts will require  a more grounded approach towards enlightening your mood. Your mood can become classified as disturbances or fear based emotions that grow from a damper in one’s quality of life. Your mood can often get in the way of seeing the real meaning behind your experiences. Like a gun that is nestled in a holster you dependency on these emotions keep you bound. Although, you may be in a situation that isn’t ideal remember that its more so about the learning lessons and the power of transformation.

You are Ok and I will prove it by saying that stating the obvious  “you are currently reading this post”. Did you know that 4 Billion with a capital “B” still don’t have access to the internet? Yup,  and you was fortune enough to miss that mark by a long shot. Let gratitude be your motivation while you sort through these emotional upheavals. You may be dealing with anxiety or any other issue that is causing some tension, but realize that it’s only a sign to a much bigger reality.

Allow your hope to be in God (the God that resides within your soul) and lean not into your own understanding. Although, those energies are tense and can make you very irritable keep the faith. It’s a process that must be faced head on or you delay the inevitable (your destiny).


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