Happy National Hammock Day !


The Summer is a time for that meditative, dun, relaxing, slow down and take it easy kind of season for the most part. During these dog days of Summer it’s important to take a few moments to hang out in a hammock under a shade tree with a nice book.

This Hammock day couldn’t have come at a more beautiful time. It’s  right in the middle of this summer heat but plays a pivotal role in our self nourishment and relaxation. These Hammock days are normally celebrated between (July 3 through August 11th), and exist to help you celebrate as much of you as you can.

You are a hardworking people, with families, responsibilities, goals, jobs, thoughts, ideas, businesses and everything that would exist to keep you from enjoying yourself. As, I write this it is 7:55 pm EST which means their is still a few moments until the Sun gives way to the humid night fall.

Hammock Day was created by Bob Matthews, of Holiday Insights in 2008. Bob says that our lives are normally busy and hectic. Summers is a special time to lay back, enjoy the weather and re-charge our batteries.What better way to do this, than from the comfort of a hammock under a shady tree!?

Enjoy your Day !


Tiffany Bryant

Life Navigation Services




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