Low self-esteem and anxiety in Adults Myth or Reality?


This article takes a stunning look at the connection between low self-esteem and anxiety. Not, from a standpoint that regurgitates the definition of each concept but more so from an ideology that stems from the true mind versus the conditioned mind. Anxiety and low self-esteem are conditions that can be seen, felt and observed by the mind. Much like the proverbial “Ink Blot Test” it’s more about examining the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of the individual. Low self-esteem and anxiety in adults is a real adventure and deserves a lot of attention. Treatments for anxiety and low self-esteem exist to help the patience reckon with his/her own’s thoughts through therapy, support groups, clinical trials, education and just about any means for improving one’s lot.

rorschach-jpeg-image-500x500-pixels-1The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, explains that successful treatments vary and may last upwards towards a year or longer. Which is an indication that treatments may or may not work depending on the individual. Obviously, anxiety is characterized by panic attacks, negative thinking, phobias and just anything triggers stress. But, these realities don’t paint the entire picture. Yes, you may have bought into the fact that anxiety and low self-esteem is a real reality and they are, but don’t think for one moment that your life can’t become free from these conditioned mental patterns.

You want to feel whole, vibrant, stronger and more physically active and that picture is alive and well. You just got to separate the conditioned mind from the true mind. The conditioned mind is nothing more than a container of thoughts who refuses to see reality, and is often fraught in a dream like state. It’s like when you go to sleep and dream about a beautiful 12,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills, awake from that dream and somehow still see that as your reality. It’s profound because you could already be living in a nice neighborhood, and can’t understand where these invisible triggers are coming from.


On the other hand, the true mind is a reality that embrace the process of life. It sees the pressures and failures of life as illusions only to be overcome through staying grounded in the reality of faith. As Emily Dickson perfectly quoted the “Brain is Wider than the Sky” It can see farther beyond the confines of our current circumstances. Its aim is to help mend the heart and allow our minds to feel whole again. So, is there a connection between low self-esteem and anxiety? Yes, our thinking about these issues and how we relate to the problems that confront our lives daily. As a side note there is no such thing as a problem free relationship.

Always Remember, that its OK to take a step back and make the connections. Allow, your true mind (reality) to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Mel Robbins explains it the best when she says “How to stop screwing yourself over”. Watch her TED talk below and know that you can and will get your mojo back.





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