10 Real World Solutions for Women who battle with Anxiety.


We pave our road to freedom by how we respond to life in each moment. We cannot always control what happens in our lives, but we are never without the choice of how we respond too it. Do we let ourselves unconsciously react to everything, or do we express our divine nature by creatively responding to our experience? How do we use our ability to respond? ~ Michael J. Tamura

One Bright and early Monday Morning your alarm goes of.  You look and see that It’s 7am, you smile and throw off the plush white covers, and roll out of your soft and cozy memory foam bed right into your favorite pair of slippers. Only positive thoughts are filling your mind at this moment as you realize that one positive thought in the morning can set the tone for your entire day. The Sun is peeking through your curtains and you can only imagine having the greatest start to your work week. At this moment a nice shower, Starbucks and some breakfast appeals to your senses. Your are relaxed and begin making inroads to the perfect day.

Suddenly, your mood is changed by a few thoughts concerning your 401K, health insurance, mortgage, kids, career aspirations, relationships, and financial security. Whether you could sense the shift or not your mood arose to accommodate your thought patterns. Whatever was going on the outside becomes a direct reflection of what is going on the outside of you. In a way, you are having many different thought patterns fill your mind at the same time. Two objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time (2nd Law of physics) and no matter how much your try, it can’t be done.

Behind, you wanting to have a great day and start your week off on the right track, you subconsciously think the pressures of life to be greater than you ability to reason and balance them. So, you consciously reject any notion of a life that can bring a balance in your finances, family structures, career ambitions, and your social status, while at the same time thinking well maybe it can be done (A double-minded and unstable paradigm).

The outlier in this sequence of events is worry which ultimately leads to anxiety and fear. Angela, explains it best in her TEDx talk about “Being The Warrior Not The Worrier”,  in that you must learn to fight the those anxiety triggers that often times lead to fear based decisions. Although, you may struggle with unstable thoughts that may push anxiety to the forefront, their is good news.

At one moment or another, we have all been in a situation where our minds are driven into overload concerning thoughts that may or not serve our mental state at any given moment. Now, the usual advice that hinges on  just “smile more” or eliminate “negative thinking” is great but serves in a limited capacity based on the invidual’s level of belief.

The latest research on anxiety suggests innovative, even odd, techniques for coping successfully with recurrent worries. I’ve seen these work for hundreds of patients. In fact, I’ve found that most people can get a grip on things if they take a few minutes to develop a different relationship with their thoughts and feelings. Here are 10 approaches to try.

  1. Embrace a Global Consciousness (Hug your planet, and develop a cause that is worth fighting for). The more you see the good in the world the more your focus will shift off of your problems and onto finding solutions that helps to heal the planet.
  2. Take up the mantle of Peace (Find 5 minutes a day in your work routine and just be at peace). As you give yourself these moment of solace try to add an additional 5 minutes to the process until a cool 20 minutes is saved up, where you can enjoy your own company.
  3. Take a Yoga Class (Google “yoga class ____ and put your city in the blank). It will be the best investment for your mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  4. Start a 40 Day Abundance & Gratitude journal (Starting today go and buy a journal and label it “Money Blessings”). For the next 40 days you will record positive affirmations and the things that you are grateful for. If it works for OPRAH it will work for you trust me.
  5. Volunteer at a local Non-Profit Organization (Find ways to give back that puts you around people with different perspectives from yours). Allow, your service to lead you into greener pastures.
  6. Listen to your body (If you wasn’t aware of this notion now you are). You body has a language of its own but you must listen and observe what it is saying. Maybe it is saying less sugar or more leafy greens?
  7. Reinvent your Life (Try new things, meet new people, eat different foods, take a trip to Indonesia, befriend an Asian, see your self wholesome, blessed, vibrant and full of energy. The possibilities are limitless and you are in the driver seat.
  8. Embrace the Light (Deep within your soul there is a place where your true self resides. If you was to become brave enough to embrace this light your world never be the same.
  9. Let Go and Capture the Newness of Life (The baggage that you carry won’t drop until you decide that you no longer want to carry that weight). If you will try to eliminate people, ideas, thoughts, old concepts and yesteryear frameworks that no longer serve you things would go a lot smoother. I am giving you permission to leave those things in the past and embrace the newness of life.
  10. Love Yourself (I understand this saying is commonplace but pick it back up with a fresh perspective). Spend time with yourself, take salt baths, go to the mall and buy a new fragrance, take a walk at night (of course in a safe neighborhood), get more rest, sit in silence for 1 hour, embrace change, drive to another city by yourself and eat at a restaurant by yourself. smile more, give away old clothes, bless the poor.




Your Humanitarian Heart and the Soul’s Awakening: A primer for Universal Light & Love.


BE an active work of creation! Touch the dream within The writings of your heart; Be the words that flow endlessly, Through the pages of your life, and live the greatest story ever told ~Medicine Women Lizet

As a compassionary tale of lady luck, don’t forget that your feminine compass sets atop a neoclassic sculpture on Liberty Island’s New York Harbor in New York City. In an age where the imbalance of feminine energies run rampant it’s a call to understand that you are children of the light having a dark night of the soul moment. You have just stepped into a season where you are being wooed to answer the call of the soul.

You find yourself in transition and you are faced with what Robert Brumet calls “The Paradox of Change”. You are locked out of your past, carry weight of your current responsibilities and hold fast to a future of infinite possibilities (i.e. new book, vacation, travel, family, husband, wealth, friends, fame, fortune, yoga, peace, love, joy, happiness, wisdom, truth & understanding). Not, only is change occurring in you but outside of you as well and its causing for a new level of understanding concerning your life’s work or calling.

Remember, uncertainty breeds grounds for the miraculous so don’t resist this newfound paradigm. Even if your partner, spouse or love one can’t truly grasp the reckoning with these energetic shifts, don’t become impatient forceful, rude or belligerent. Use your compassion and try to look at the situation from a bird’s eyes view. Everything, is being shattered whether you know it or not, because you sense of meaning is changing.

feminine-spiritual-energyWhen spirit calls it makes you wonder in search of self, seeking an expression that can only come from within. You are relearning what it means to water and nurture the garden of your soul. These planetary energies are intense and hold much in the way of your destiny. Learn from these placements and allow your divine nature to lead you into greener pastures. As you healing guide I will be the first to say that you have what it takes to feed your family and others around you. The only problem is that you may think that a job is the all in all in your life.


Allow, the spirit to lead and guide your progression from a place of spiritual bliss and not emotional upheaval. Paul Rogat Loeb, in his book Soul of a Citizen “Living with conviction in challenging times” urges us to become more attune to social activism and change as a way of life. His awe inspiring and profound book shows up at a time when the world need more citizens to engage in humanitarian affairs. In addition, he offers a great suggestion for engaging your own social circles “Be Strategic”. Understand that you can’t go backwards and make it your mission to build right where you are.

You will be fine, so just let go of this physical world in response to allowing the spiritual hands of healing to take the lead. In no way, do I advocate for just falling off the face of planet earth. To whom much is given much is required and because you have read to this point, makes you responsible for the information that you just consumed. If, even a nugget of truth resonated share and be a blessing to others. Although, you may be looking through a window of uncertainty allow that space of nothingness to become an impasse for a greater adventure.

Woman-and-a-SuitcaseWhat you are currently feeling is just possibility. You have just been freed from years of mental and emotional baggage, and now must connect to your higher self. It will feel uncomfortable and you got to make new inroads. A new social community, those who believe at the same level that you do, individuals who vibrate and can reason from the spiritual as well as the physical worlds. Part of your mission is to help raise the consciousness of your community and the world at large. As a soft and gentle nudge, I urge you forward into your destiny.

As a precursor, try to understand the essence of Jack Bolands’s “Eight Steps into The Master Mind Consciousness” 1. I Surrender (admit that you are powerless to solve your own problems) 2. I Believe (You come to recognize that a power greater than your own abilities exist) 3. I am ready to be changed (You realize that Self-defeating thinking is the cause of your problems, unhappiness, fears and failures).

4. I Decide to be changed (You make a decision to allow the Christ Consciousness light within shine). 5. I Forgive (You forgive yourself of all those blatant mistakes and shortcomings and you forgive others) 6. I Ask (You ask for the necessary support to live life from the inside out). 7. I Give Thanks (You honor and give thanks for already having ascended into a greater awareness of self. 8. I Dedicate My Life (You have made a covenant agreed that your “MASTERMIND” carries all of the abundance and supply you will ever need and therefore will go forth with expectancy of the good that you desire in life.


The Blessings of Spiritual Confusion: A primer concerning the uncertainty of New Beginnings


You find yourself at a crossroad lost in between worlds and no one seems to understand your pain. You have a burning desire to explore the depths of your soul but the pain is too great and thus you settle for the mundane. And now you enter the shack.


Lost in time you clamor for a moment of truth that allows you to escape reality for just a moment. A very soothing pleasure but necessary step on your journey. Hidden deep in this place is your God self. A spiritual oasis of bliss.


Now, for the first time in life you come face to face with your, Mother Teresa humanitarian nature and she prays with you for inner peace. She comforts your confusion and highlights the importance of compassion. Then she urges your soul to walk in the light.


Now, having embraced the light you realize that your life has meaning and that, It’s a beautiful thing to be in a space of nothingness out of which all things can proceed. Stillness envelops your heart and now you begin to arise.  Then a still small voice says….


Fraught with glee you awaken and realize that confusion is, dark, sad and lonely at times but a great starting point for your happiness. Now, you begin again and realize that you must write a different script from the one you have been rehearsing in your mind all these years.


Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!    ~Bob Marley



Mastering the Inner Turmoil: Setting the Spirit Free from the Anxieties of this world.


There comes a point in each of our lives when we recognize our inability to remain fixated on the source. By no fault of our own we find ourselves wrapped up in yesteryear anxieties looking for a way out. We sense that something is nagging at our souls longing for expression but our patience won’t let us hold on forever. Our patience then becomes a stumbling block not virtue. We panic and scream from within for the release of the unknown yet no willing to surrender to the mastermind consciousness. Now, you are faced with a turning point and something must give. As our soul aches to awaken to its natural state we wrestle with our careers, passions, motivations and aspirations. We long to give the world what we have been placed here to give.

Now, we realize that a clearing is needed to open the spirit and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. We have tried all forms of religion, treatments, prayers, meditations, and gimmicks and gadgets but the soul still longs for expression. It longs to merge the EGO with itself and remove the cloudy waters of indifference. As the basis for this collective consciousness is the heart chakra (love). In a world where balance (Mental, spiritual, emotional, physical) is everything sometimes the energy behind the EGO can become destructive and run rampant cause lots of confusion and situational biases (racism).

In Ralph Kilmann’s Managing Ego Energy: The Transformation of Personal Meaning into  Organizational Success  highlights the importance of managing the EGO’s energetic force in the corporate world. He explains that upheavals can happen anywhere and that it is important to remain open to anxiety ridden surprises that can cause a shift in a person’s personal world. It’s important to remember that his words can apply to every facet of your life even if you are not in the corporate world. With our global technological, political, economic and social change rising faster than our cosmic temperatures, changes are beginning to cause massive anxiety, uncertainty turbulence and fear in our world today.


In our current societal paradigms, we tend to become more addicted to the process of being addicted. Our sense of values, morals, self-worth and responsibilities are constantly being challenged and threatened on every level. We lie in wait with healing’s in our back pockets only to become addicted again through our own emotions. Robert Russell, in “God Works Through You” explains that we allow such illnesses or addictions to come alive again through our emotions, and reintegrate the very disease in which we were freed from back into the body. We allowed the subconscious mind to recreate that mental addiction and open a new set of circumstances.

The next phase of these reality hinges on restructuring our thoughts to survive, much to the dismay of corporations who sometimes downsize to survive. As a reminder, the mole (Big Brother), disease (Anxiety), and Judas (Betrayer) remains crouched at the door of forgetfulness and complacency awaiting its opportunity to reinfect its victim. If you falter which is OK because you are human, you will begin to see that your focus has shifted from the source (The divine), to a lack of motivation, mood swings, impaired judgements, the inability to account for the time you have been given on this planet. Grief, self-pity begins to sit in along with self-loathing and even suicidal thoughts.

There’s a proverb that says “There are none so blind as those who will not see”, which refers to diluted individuals who chooses to ignore what they already know. If you don’t know now you know, the source of your joy and happiness has always been a call away hanging on to every word that you speak. It longs for you to purge the soul of ignorance and imperfections and to give thanks that you are still able to fight another day. Without no breakdowns (mental) there cannot be no breakthroughs (mind, body & soul). Our life exudes with emotion, adventure and tales of bliss. We got to change the way we feel about the information that is coming into our lives. What does it all mean? Take a look around you at this very moment and contemplate on what it really means. Ask yourself “Where am I heading? And then go within and listen for the answers.


So how do we master the inner turmoil and set our spirits free from anxiety? Enter the Spirit! As a title in Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction”, he probes the mysteries of the mind and explains that people can sometimes become trapped in imaginary worlds, which makes it very hard to penetrate that self-contemplative thoughts.’. He explains that you must lure those self-defeating and negative thoughts out of its inner shell and enter their motivation for existing. Learn why those thought exists and don’t be afraid to peel the layers of those onions back. Learn from those emotions and adapt to their reality as a child defenseless and motivated by love. In doing so your will penetrate their deep narcissism and allow an open and honest dialogue to exist. Those thoughts then become open and not reactionary (anxiety, moodiness, depression, suicide). Learn from these subtle energies.

We know only fragmentarily this extraordinary thing called life; we have never looked at sorow, except through the screen of escapes; we have never seen the beauty, the immensity of death, and we know it only through fear and sadness. There can be understanding of life, and of the significance and beauty of death, only when the mind on the instant perceives “what is”. You know, sirs, although we differentiate them, love, death, and sorrow are all the same; because, surely, love, death, and sorrow are the unknowable.  Jiddu Krishnamurti

It’s Just a Planetary Shift not Anxiety: You are Ok.

Woman thinking

The end cannot justify the means, for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determine the nature of the ends produced
~ Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means~

Becoming a clear channel for the divine to operate and shower your life with abundance is the ultimate goal. In your quest for this divine truth don’t panic if your motivations for a better life is fraught with challenges and setbacks. You may have wronged a few people in the process but forgiveness is just a phone call away. While you think about the changes that needs to be made in your life, its ok to consider that what life would look like once you have regained your mojo.

Life is too precious to sit in wait lying despondent for the next big moment or break to happen. Your life can only out-picture the thoughts, motivations and prayers of your subconscious mind. So, learn to treat yourself well through this transition. It may feel like anxiety but it’s actually a dimensional shift covering your aura. Don’t question the process just allow the universe to confirm its motives. We both know that you can’t remain secluded in the chaos of nothing forever right?


You have been given a specific season which to make some changes that will sort your path into a more workable feeling. Notice I said feeling here because that is just what it is. Until you begin listening to that small voice within that is guiding your process regardless if you are on the right path nothing will change. Everything that you have went through up until this point has been preparation for this current awakening. Awakening is a process that is gradual and could take many lifetimes to complete. Just remember that the EGO wants to keep your vibrational energy low.

As a metaphor for “Easing God Out”  the (EGO) only wants what it wants. Sort of like the conditioned mind that has been programmed into the very fabric of your being,  Those programmable fixed thoughts that has kept you isolated from the real you. These thoughts were deeply imbedded into your subconscious mind by your teachers, parents, friends and most notably social media. What you need to know right now is that a shift has been taking place. A new set of energetic vibrations are dispensing into the atmosphere.

Understanding these shifts will require  a more grounded approach towards enlightening your mood. Your mood can become classified as disturbances or fear based emotions that grow from a damper in one’s quality of life. Your mood can often get in the way of seeing the real meaning behind your experiences. Like a gun that is nestled in a holster you dependency on these emotions keep you bound. Although, you may be in a situation that isn’t ideal remember that its more so about the learning lessons and the power of transformation.

You are Ok and I will prove it by saying that stating the obvious  “you are currently reading this post”. Did you know that 4 Billion with a capital “B” still don’t have access to the internet? Yup,  and you was fortune enough to miss that mark by a long shot. Let gratitude be your motivation while you sort through these emotional upheavals. You may be dealing with anxiety or any other issue that is causing some tension, but realize that it’s only a sign to a much bigger reality.

Allow your hope to be in God (the God that resides within your soul) and lean not into your own understanding. Although, those energies are tense and can make you very irritable keep the faith. It’s a process that must be faced head on or you delay the inevitable (your destiny).


Anxiety’s Uncertain Motives: Trusting the process over the product.


Although it is widely recognized that anxiety is the most pervasive psychological phenomenon of our time…. there has been little or no agreement on its definition, and very little, if any, progress on its measurement.
~Paul Hoch, President, American Psychopathological Association, In An Address To The First-Ever Academic Conference On Anxiety (1949)~

Did you know that United States of America is one of the most Depressed Countries in the World? Although, that can be hard pill to swallow for some it’s the truth. According to, the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2014 45 percent of the world’s population lived in a country where there was less than one psychiatrist or mental health professional to serve 100,000 people. This translates to 3,150,000,000 (Three Billion one hundred and fifty million). It sounds kind of absurd to think that that many people roam our planet with mental health issues without that one individual or organization that can provide some type of relief to their condition.

According to Paul Hoch, 1949’s American Psychopathological Association’s President, there seems to be a disconnect between what it truly means to have anxiety. A common definition describes a person with anxiety as an internal reality that causes an individual to react in a certain manner towards a specific stimulus. Take for example, not being able to pay your bills on time, or meeting someone for the first time, fear of not meeting a deadline or even being rejected by someone you want to please. Although, it can be said that anxiety can affect your physiological, behavioral and psychological state of being it isn’t doesn’t have to damper your hopes of a spiritually connected future filled with endless possibility.

The truth of the matter is that a thorough understanding of what mental health is and how it spreads, can go an along way in dealing with reducing your anxiety or eliminating it altogether. You don’t have to become a mental health practitioner but it does help to understand why anxiety is even an issue. Scott Stossel, in his book “My Age of Anxiety: Fear, hope dread, and the search for peace of mind, expresses anxiety as a random gesture of speculative hypothesis. In other words, a series of conclusion that follow behavioral patterns that are random at best. If God, created man in his own image and likeness how  can a group of individuals all share a similar vein of social anxiety?


Sigmund Freud, in “The Problem of Anxiety” (1926) explains it best by saying that “anxiety is not a simple thing to grasp”. You can’t just wake up one day and match your emotional, physiological, psychological, and behavioral narrative to Google’s definition of Anxiety. It’s a far reach to artificially inseminate someone’s picture of mental health into your stratosphere. It’s a beautiful thing to have a mental health doctor at your disposal and to trust his years of wisdom and scholarly advice, but for most people that isn’t a real reality as evidenced from the World Health Organization (WHO) graph above. This means that if you have access to any health practitioners around you your Primitive Survival Rating (PSR) jumps up a few notches. Why? Because the lack (mental health professionals) leads to early and or premature death.

It seems a little harsh but so does wanting the pain to end but it never does, living a life of despondency, feeling the nostalgia of loneliness although you have lots of friends, a great job and a beautiful family, a desire to escape the stark realities of life through companionship, alcohol and other means of suppressing your sadness. The reality is as Freud mentioned earlier is that no one really knows anything about nothing. I am not suggesting that you find ways to escape life because no one can do that. But if you want to think more clearly and evaluate your life more objectively, I suggest creating a vision board.


Although, it seems like an adventure to find qualified help in the mental health field for those individuals living in Asia, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia and even in the USA,  a “Vision Board” can help to sort out those mental kinks. Don’t worry I am not talking about your proverbial get a board and paste a lot of images about what you would like to accomplish in your life (which works fantastic by the way), but a mere restructuring of your thoughts in regards to taking care of yourself.

Answer these Questions (Yes or No)

  • Am I satisfied with the way I perform at work?
  • I avoid self-defeating behavior?
  • I get enough exercise?
  • I spend 10-20 hours per week on the internet?
  • I achieve most of my goals?
  • I go after what I want?
  • I am responsible for the way I handle money?
  • I complete my work without procrastination?
  • My job doesn’t define me?
  • I am spiritually inclined and love the outdoors.
  • I am comfortable with my sex life?

As you can see the more you probe these questions you begin to see those thought pattern open up. They are trying to override those mental hurdles that seem real but are mere illusions. The mind is very subtle and needs to be reminded that life is a beautiful story of possibilities that includes struggles (good and bad), and not a drudgery mountain climbing experience. The main objective here is to take stock of yourself, your thoughts, your mobility, your priorities. Where are you today versus where you wanted to be a year ago? Even if the growth has been incremental that’s ok its more so about the elevation of your senses. #Feelyourfeelings

010615_0000_Layer Comp 1

So, go a design a “Vision Board” that reflects your thought process and the types of thoughts you would like to be thinking. The word on the street is that data is beginning to drive a new thought process. So, your incoming information could be making decisions for your mind even if you are not aware of it. I am not trying to propose mystical experiences are at play but those biting the lip, frowning, looking down, asking other for advice or opinions, a downcast expression, forehead wrinkling expressions are real uncertainties that need to be addressed. If nothing else please be patient and trust the process.




Tiffany Bryant, LPCC




Happy National Hammock Day !


The Summer is a time for that meditative, dun, relaxing, slow down and take it easy kind of season for the most part. During these dog days of Summer it’s important to take a few moments to hang out in a hammock under a shade tree with a nice book.

This Hammock day couldn’t have come at a more beautiful time. It’s  right in the middle of this summer heat but plays a pivotal role in our self nourishment and relaxation. These Hammock days are normally celebrated between (July 3 through August 11th), and exist to help you celebrate as much of you as you can.

You are a hardworking people, with families, responsibilities, goals, jobs, thoughts, ideas, businesses and everything that would exist to keep you from enjoying yourself. As, I write this it is 7:55 pm EST which means their is still a few moments until the Sun gives way to the humid night fall.

Hammock Day was created by Bob Matthews, of Holiday Insights in 2008. Bob says that our lives are normally busy and hectic. Summers is a special time to lay back, enjoy the weather and re-charge our batteries.What better way to do this, than from the comfort of a hammock under a shady tree!?

Enjoy your Day !


Tiffany Bryant

Life Navigation Services




Low self-esteem and anxiety in Adults Myth or Reality?


This article takes a stunning look at the connection between low self-esteem and anxiety. Not, from a standpoint that regurgitates the definition of each concept but more so from an ideology that stems from the true mind versus the conditioned mind. Anxiety and low self-esteem are conditions that can be seen, felt and observed by the mind. Much like the proverbial “Ink Blot Test” it’s more about examining the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of the individual. Low self-esteem and anxiety in adults is a real adventure and deserves a lot of attention. Treatments for anxiety and low self-esteem exist to help the patience reckon with his/her own’s thoughts through therapy, support groups, clinical trials, education and just about any means for improving one’s lot.

rorschach-jpeg-image-500x500-pixels-1The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, explains that successful treatments vary and may last upwards towards a year or longer. Which is an indication that treatments may or may not work depending on the individual. Obviously, anxiety is characterized by panic attacks, negative thinking, phobias and just anything triggers stress. But, these realities don’t paint the entire picture. Yes, you may have bought into the fact that anxiety and low self-esteem is a real reality and they are, but don’t think for one moment that your life can’t become free from these conditioned mental patterns.

You want to feel whole, vibrant, stronger and more physically active and that picture is alive and well. You just got to separate the conditioned mind from the true mind. The conditioned mind is nothing more than a container of thoughts who refuses to see reality, and is often fraught in a dream like state. It’s like when you go to sleep and dream about a beautiful 12,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills, awake from that dream and somehow still see that as your reality. It’s profound because you could already be living in a nice neighborhood, and can’t understand where these invisible triggers are coming from.


On the other hand, the true mind is a reality that embrace the process of life. It sees the pressures and failures of life as illusions only to be overcome through staying grounded in the reality of faith. As Emily Dickson perfectly quoted the “Brain is Wider than the Sky” It can see farther beyond the confines of our current circumstances. Its aim is to help mend the heart and allow our minds to feel whole again. So, is there a connection between low self-esteem and anxiety? Yes, our thinking about these issues and how we relate to the problems that confront our lives daily. As a side note there is no such thing as a problem free relationship.

Always Remember, that its OK to take a step back and make the connections. Allow, your true mind (reality) to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Mel Robbins explains it the best when she says “How to stop screwing yourself over”. Watch her TED talk below and know that you can and will get your mojo back.